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As a passionate professional, dedicated to providing exceptional services for children and their families; you may find yourself eager to access support designed to help you grow a meaningful career. A community of like-minded people, if you will, that are just as dedicated to nurturing the skills and development of not just those we work with, but YOU.

Let’s Grow Together is a place for you to grow your skills and ensure the quality of care delivered within your industry. We provide unique opportunities for you to connect with a community of inspiring professionals, and access exclusive resources and evidence-based professional development events – everything to nurture your clinical journey and help you grow.


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When we connect and grow together, our industry can thrive, the children and families we work with can achieve amazing outcomes, and we can transform communities with knowledge and understanding. – Lauren Haskins

Growing a Community of Connected Clinicians

Growing a career in paediatric allied health services can be a lot like planting and growing a garden. You start with a tiny seed, that if given the right kind of care and nurturing, can grow and bloom into a magnificent flower, presenting its unique qualities for everyone to enjoy.

Like that flower, Let’s Grow Together started as a small seed of an idea. Planted in the mind of Lauren Haskins, Owner and Practice Director of A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology, that idea soon grew to be something she could not overlook. An idea that was founded in her dedication to supporting Australian Paediatric Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Professionals via premium resources and education opportunities designed to help them deliver quality services and grow as professionals.

Now in full bloom, Let’s Grow Together presents a unique opportunity to join a community, participate in exceptional courses and events, and discover valuable products to help Allied Health Professionals grow meaningful, inspiring, fulfilling careers.

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