Culturally Responsive Practices with First Nations Clients Workshop Replay

$79.00 incl GST

A bite-sized online learning opportunity where you can discover how to grow your understanding of culturally responsive practices.

Embracing and honouring the richness of First Nations cultures is essential for providing equitable and effective services within our communities.

Join Nikita Austin (she/her), an Aboriginal Speech Pathologist and Orofacial Myologist, currently residing on Worimi country, as she guides you through crucial aspects of working respectfully and effectively with First Nations families.

During this one-hour online session, you will be provide with valuable perspectives and tools, including:

  • An exploration of what cultural responsiveness and cultural safety mean for First Nations families, and why they are vital.
  • Insights into the healthcare practices and preferences of First Nations communities, allowing for more informed and sensitive service provision.
  • Strategies to assess and appreciate the importance of home language, and its implications for communication and service delivery.
  • A look at relevant resources that support engagement and foster positive outcomes with First Nations families.

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