Infant Feeding Approaches Workshop Replay

$415.00 incl GST

An online learning opportunity presented by Brianna Miluk – The Paediatric Feeding SLP, where you can learn the latest methods and techniques in infant feeding, with a special focus on the integration of lactation support.

This workshop replay will guide you through assessment and treatment of infant feeding and swallowing beginning at birth. Breast/chest feeding, bottle-feeding, alternative feeding methods, and lactation considerations are covered to equip learners to support the caregiver and infant dyad.

Common concerns (e.g., milk supply, tongue tie, reflux, faltering growth) are presented with potential solutions to support successful infant feeding outcomes. Case studies are provided to promote application-based learning.

Upon completion of this workshop replay, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to complete a comprehensive breast/chest feeding assessment.
  • List three strategies to support bottle feeding
  • Explain solutions to five common concerns associated with breast/chest feeding or bottle feeding in infants
  • Provide examples of supporting pharyngeal dysphagia in breast/chest fed infants

Please note that the course content/videos are recorded from a live event and may include some minor disruptions and movement from the participants.

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