Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice Implementation Guide

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The Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice Implementation Guide is a digital resource (provided as a downloadable PDF) that includes a comprehensive checklist of steps and actions that will help you make positive changes within your service.

As paediatric allied health practitioners, it is vital that we listen to the voices of the people we are working with and supporting. You may have an understanding of WHAT Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice is, but the implementation may feel daunting.

Written by Linda Baker (Speech Pathologist and Learning & Development Lead with A Growing Understanding) for Let’s Grow Together, this guide is essential when it comes to implementing certain actions throughout your client’s journey and will assist you and your service in moving towards Neurodiversity-Affirming Practice.

Key Features:

• Checklist of actions you can do during every aspect of your client’s journey – from setting the environment to assessments and ongoing appointments
• Tips and insights to help you review your current practices
• Accessible information in PDF format


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