Speech Sound Bookmarks

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The Let’s Grow Together Speech Sound Bookmarks are a fun, colourful tool that can help Australian children with their speech sounds and vocabulary.

Each bookmark features a snippet from the corresponding Sound Loaded Scene which includes illustrations of Australian-specific items and animals that.

Each sound (24 sounds in total) is sold in a pack of 10 and can be used to augment home practise or as special gifts for your clients.

You can also purchase the full collection of Bookmarks (1 of each sound) in a pack of 24.

Key Features:

• Targets unique Australian vocabulary
• Includes illustrations from the Sound Loaded Scenes
• Sold in packs of 10 (10 copies of one Speech Sound Bookmark) or as a collection of 24 sounds (1 of each Speech Sound Bookmark)
• Ideal for supporting home practise
• Includes quintessential Australian illustrations and themes
• Quality print finish on thick, durable card stock

Speech Sound Bookmarks: Full Collection (24 bookmarks), b Pack of 10, d Pack of 10, f Pack of 10, g Pack of 10, h Pack of 10, j Pack of 10, k Pack of 10, l Pack of 10, m Pack of 10, n Pack of 10, p Pack of 10, r Pack of 10, s Pack of 10, t Pack of 10, v Pack of 10, w Pack of 10, y Pack of 10, z Pack of 10, ch Pack of 10, sh Pack of 10, th Pack of 10, s clusters Pack of 10, l clusters Pack of 10, r clusters Pack of 10


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