Working Collaboratively with Educators Workshop Replay

$79.00 incl GST

A bite-sized online learning opportunity where you can discover how to grow stronger relationships with educators.

As Paediatric Allied Health Professionals, working with educators is very important and can be a big part of our role. But how can we establish open relationships that benefit the children and families we are working with?

Melissa Yapp, Speech Pathologist, Special Education Teacher and the face behind the Instagram account Teachingspeechie, shares her experience in working with educators and will help you build connections that facilitate collaborative and open relationships.

During this one-hour online session, you will learn:

  • How to establish strong relationships and work collaboratively with educators
  • The approaches you can take to establish equitable and open communication channels
  • How to incorporate the curriculum within your service and sessions
  • The tools and resources you can access and utilise to augment a collaborative approach

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